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Most Accessible on the SCT

Most Accessible on the SCT

Accessing the Sunshine Coast Trail can sometimes feel difficult for people who are unaware of local secrets. The 178 kilometres of trail does not just go from start to finish, and can be accessed for day hikes, or fewer overnight hikes than the entire trail entails. A few of the amazing hikes you can access from roads any car could venture on. For someone like me who drives a tiny little compact car, I have been able to access these hikes, and I find it useful to know which ones can be accessed easily. I have accessed Manzanita Bluffs from the trail head on Malaspina Road, and the hike took me about 3 hours total. Scout Mountain is also easily accessible from the neighbourhood of Wildwood at the end of Southerland Road, or at the back of the Shingle Mill Pub parking lot. This hike usually takes me about 2 hours to complete. Tony’s Point is one of my favourite sites, as it can be accessed from Mowat Bay, and is a great spot for a picnic. I have also paddle boarded to this location from the Shingle Mill Pub in about half an hour. Lost Lake is along the Sunshine Coast Trail, and can be accessed after Tony’s Point, or from Inland Lake. Lost Lake also has a looping trail that goes all around the lake, which takes less than 2 hours to complete from Inland Lake. Fairview Bay is another favourite on the SCT as it is easily accessible from Saltery Bay. This hike is always extremely scenic as it is along the ocean bluffs and is the only hut along the ocean shore. This hike usually takes me about 3 hours to complete in total. I love these hikes for their beauty and accessibility, and the depth of their difficulty allows me to hike various levels without having to damage my car on the way to the trail head.