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Dog Friendly Beaches

Dog Friendly Beaches

When taking your dog out to enjoy the waters in Powell River you’ll want to choose the beach carefully there are a few you’ll need to avoid as they don’t allow dogs from May until September; that is Willingdon Beach and Mowat Bay. Otherwise having your dog on leash is always a great way to avoid conflict. A few beaches that your pooch might enjoy are; Shingle Mill Beach, Block Bay, and Cranberry Lake. For the ocean lovers; Beach Gardens and Gibsons Beach are ideal. Shingle Mill Beach, Block Bay and Cranberry Lake are perfect for a dog swim on a hot day. There are lots of furends to be seen at all of these places during summer days. The lakes are a great way to wash off your dog or cool them off. The Ocean is a great place to take your furry friend to enjoy the ice cold waters. The Beach Gardens beach is a quiet ocean beach to be enjoyed by everyone. Gibsons Beach is a bit of a drive but worth it for the view. These ocean beaches are even better on a low tide for your pup to enjoy the sand. Please remember when taking your dog out to clean up after him/her, so that the next person can enjoy the beach too.