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A Day In The Life Of Jenner

A Day In The Life Of Jenner

It’s adventure day! I have my hiking pack, my kibble and my hoomans. Into the truck we jump and off for a drive towards the adventure. Today we are going to East Lake. I have never been here before but my hooman told me that there is a lake where I can go swimming and fetch the sticks. We head south of Powell River and onto Duck Lake Forest Service Road. We drive and park at the first yellow gate after the pole line. Once out of the truck we start the adventure, it looks like an old road that we are walking on. This trail smells like bears but it’s really pretty within the mixed forest. Making it to the lake, my hoomans search for sticks to throw in the water for me to fetch. When I have had enough swimming, I get to eat my lunch. We continue on the hike back to the truck. We made the walk into a loop and the trail has a beautiful sign pointing toward the lake. My hooman told me that we will have to come back and explore more of these trails that connect to this one.