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Family Friendly Hike

5 Kid Friendly Hikes

5 Kid Friendly Hikes

Knowing kid friendly hikes is a very important aspect of spending time outdoors in Powell River. Here we are going to highlight 5 hikes you can do with children at a variety of levels. The Blackwater Aloha loop in the Duck Lake Protected Area is a great hike under 2 hours to do with children. Along this hike you will see 2 waterfalls, Kelly Falls and David Lam Falls, and experience the Aloha Bridge. The Aloha Bridge is a very unique experience as the bridge loops around and the trail leads down to a world of Hawaiian themed decorations and trinkets, including gnomes and other fun toys. The Trinket trail is very similar to the Blackwater Aloha loop and is very popular for young families taking their children out on their first ‘big kid’ hikes. The Willingdon Beach Trail is located right in the middle of town and offers an outdoor museum-like walk. This trail is a slight incline on the way to the end, and on the way back is a slight decline. This trail is popular for families who want to take their time walking and looking at all of the old logging equipment, or pop down to the beach as they walk. Valentine Mountain is another very popular trail, as it only takes about 20 minutes to get to the top, as you climb roughly 100 stairs to the top. This area offers great views of Townsite and the Powell River Mill. 
Inland Lake Provincial Park Trail is a completely flat, bikeable, hike able, wheelchair accessible trail that stretches 13 kilometres around the lake. This area is popular for families who either want to conquer the entire trail, or do only a small bit of it, and turn back around.