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Emily's Meander

Emily’s Meander



There’s an herb that I would like you all to know about. You’ve all seen it, and many of you may already know of it – plantain!
Small and nondescript, you couldn’t be blamed for overlooking it – but next time you’re stung by one of those little monsters, grab a sprig of this handy herb! A poultice or paste of the fresh leaves will reduce the pain – feel this natural first aid treatment start working within moments! It’s remarkable how effective such a simple remedy can be.


There are two common varieties in our region, and either will do.


Broadleaf Plantain, plantago major


English Plantain, plantago lanceolata


You can find plantains growing commonly in fields or lawns, and along the roadside. You can also find it, of course, intruding in your garden! Plantain is a very versatile plant, offering too many uses to list here.


If you’d like to learn more, try getting started with a field guide! Check out the Powell River Visitor Centre for field guides and more.